Laiban Christmas mission 2023

As every year, we went in the mountains of Tanay for our Christmas mission in Laiban. The plan was to have evangelization for the children, medical mission for the needy and a great Christmas party with games and gift for children and families.

On the way to Laiban we stopped by in the parish of father Ferdie in Tanay to attend the mass of Immaculate Conception. Then our trip continued through the mountain on the rocky road damaged by the heavy rain of the season.

In our mission team we had ate Dangs leading the group. Also, doctora Clotilde who is volunteer in Sapang and doctor Phillip from the USA. Their mission was to do free consultation for the people in the village and around. Then the kuya’s and ate’s from the staff (Carlo, Adrian, Jea and Jewell) to prepare games and activities for the children. Also with us, brother Pimpim, sister Agnes, sister Dalia, ate Eline, ate Marie who were helping where ever their help was needed.

The mission was a great occasion to take a little time away from Sapang and the daily mission and to go back to simple things: encounter with the children, shower in the cold river, sharing the joy of Christmas with families… We all came back the heart full of joy.