The mystery of our strength – Black Saturday

This morning, we have the joy to wake up on top of mount Tagapo. Before the sunrise, we went together to climb at the top of the mountain. Most of the participants while waiting for others is taking a pictures and enjoying the view before our prayer. At 6:30 am we started the morning prayer. After that we did what we always do. The whole participants of the camp are gathered to have a memorable pictures of this year.

After that, we share a little break fast (bread and coffee time) and spend little time in Mt. Tagapo by doing the cleaning (pick up garbage) and preparing to go back at San Damiano.

We arrived at 9am in Bukid and then each one of the participants go to their respective assigned house to take a rest, bath. After a good rest we shared merienda in the kitchen. After a while we had mid-day prayer and ate a delicious lunch prepared by Ate Cintya and the mothers of the scholars. After a good nap we sang the divine mercy chapelet.

Later, there was the teaching by brother pimpim. He took the 7 reading of the easter vigil and share with us 7 points about them (All is good, God gives hope, God gives us a new heart, God help us in our conversion…). The teaching was followed with a sharing by fraternity. At 5:00 pm we took an early dinner so we could attend the Easter Vigil mass in the parish (Janosa) at 6:00 pm. After the vigil we had a procession from Janosa back to Bukid. Back home in Bukid we rejoiced together with action song and we ate a delicious Merienda (lugaw or rice soup).