Finding strength for God – Holy Thursday

Thank God, everything was prepared on time for the camp. The participants arrived around 10am to 12pm. It was plenty of participants, if you compare to the last camp. Because now we’re out of pandemic crisis. The theme of our camp is “Maximum strength for God”. Throughout this camp we want to learn how to find strength through our talent that we can give or offer to God.

Before to give my insight about this day, let me tell you first about what happened today. Like what I said participants arrived around 10am to 12pm. Registration started at 10am. During registration, the activities started with a song practice followed by Miryenda(snack). College students prepared some team-building activities while waiting for the other participants. It was joyful and very interesting. Because today is the first day of the camp and the goal of the team-building activity is to know each other, to find new friends and to be comfortable with one another. After team building we had action songs and everyone actively participated.

Later, we gathered in the chapel of San Damiano. It was amazing to see the chapel full of people who pray together, singing the psalms and reading the gospel. After that was the exciting part of the day, which is the delicious lunch prepared by the kitchen team with ate Cynthia. The serious session started after the rosary where Brother Seraphim gave spiritual introduction of our theme “Maximum strength for God” that we are going to reflect in this whole Easter camp. He spoke about our talents that were given by God. He also told a story about the parable of the talents: a master that gave different amount of talent to his servants. He encouraged us to use our talent to serve God and others.

After this was the teaching of kuya Matthieu about “FINDING STRENGTH FOR GOD”. He said that we can find strength through the strength that is given by God through the seven sacraments. It was very inspiring because it reminds us the essence of the holy sacraments and especially the importance of the Eucharist. It was followed by miryenda and sharing by fraternity. In the sharing most of the inspiring thought were about our experiences on different difficult situation where God gave his strength and guidance.

Following this was the holy mass lead by Fr. Javey. He gave a very beautiful homily about maximum strength. He said; where is your strength? It must not be ask to the chair. It will be asked to you. How strong are you? Until where is your strength? He spoke about parents who tried their best to give their strength because of their love. it is not because of muscles. it is because of love. And this love is from God. you will see the true strength just in God. The power of love can change a person. The secret of strong love from God is in his/her service to God. Because the more you serve is the more you love. A person who possess of God’s strength will say, I will serve you even if you are my enemy. Because I love you. God will not revenge of what you have done to him. The goodness of a person is can be strong until the end of life. God shows his love not just 2000 years ago because of the holy Eucharist that we always celebrate that shows his big love to give himself for our salvation. It was inspiring right? we also celebrate the washing of the feet that was happened inside the chapel. After the mass we had the procession from chapel to adoration tent and had short prayer in the front of blessed sacrament. Silently we remembered the Passover of Jews (being free from slavery of Egyptians) by eating bitter, sweet, bread and delicious meal. After that is the overnight adoration by fraternity until tomorrow morning. It was an amazing day with a lot of new knowledge and experiences.

I hope you enjoy this article. Have a nice day.