SD Library

Once, a friend of Nick came to visit him. He saw him playing with the kids who were always very interested to hear the stories. There was no library in Sapang He proposed to make some kind of “Sapang learning center” where to handle kids by proposing them special place where to grow intellectually. In first moment this idea seemed unreal, but finally Nick wrote a project and received a financial support to build a library.

After they made a “book campaign” – asked all the friends and different NGOs to donate books for library. In this way they managed to collect (…) In May 2004 library was ready to welcome the children!

Now library is opened every day for all the interested. Here they can find a number of school books, children books, and spiritual literature. This is a place where villagers can buy school supplies – pens, pencils, notebooks and receive such services as Xerox copy or computer works.

During the school year every afternoon students come here to do their homework. San Damiano volunteers are organizing special tutorial classes to help them to understand everything they learned in the school better.