“Everything starts by prayer!” says Nick “We are not only social organization – we are spiritual community! We have to motivate people to turn to God. We want to give them something more than just an education or experience. Prayer is a communication with God who is our King and Creator. Through prayer we remain in His presence and He shows us the best directions for our life. Prayer can move the mountains.”

San Daminano community’s day is organized hand in hand with prayer. It starts at seven o’clock by Laudes. After breakfast everybody goes to manual work. At noon the work is interrupt by little praising and gospel reading in chapel. After lunch and siesta there are rosary and everyone returns back in his working place. Also working day is finished by Vespers and before sleeping all the joys and troubles of the day are put in the hands of Lord by Night Prayer.

Saturdays’ evenings young people from Sapang comes together to praise the Lord in Chapel of village using structure of prayer proposed by community of Tiberiade. Once a month some members of this prayer group are visiting similar prayer groups in Manila thus to encourage other young people to pray and to build strong relationships among catholic youth.

Every Sunday’s afternoon adults of village meet each other to pray and to discover God. (…)

Friday’s afternoon San Damiano volunteers organize meeting for children to play and to pray together and thus introduce them with our faith.

Parole de Nick::::