One of the ways to earn for inhabitants of Talim Island is producing bamboo furniture. Since there are many natural resources on the island, San Damiano would like to help the people of the village to improve their economical situation by innovative and creative ways and strategies. The experience of last years shows that demand for bamboo furniture in market is not as high as before due to growing number of furniture makers. Therefore the price of furniture is very low and people doesn’t earn as much as they need. It is necessary to find another ways of using bamboo.

Saint Joseph the Worker Bamboo Workshop officially started its work on May 1, 2006. The purpose of the workshop is to provide livelihood to out of school youth of Sapang. They produce small but valuable bamboo items – crosses, lamps, candle holders, frames, and other souvenir items. This production is planned to be realized in local market and abroad.

In the beginning, action of Saint Joseph Workshop relied on workers’ training and preparing of skilful specialists. Professional designers did courses and helped to young people of Sapang to make the prototypes for future’s production. Now the quality of items is really improved and all the necessary tools and equipments for working are bought. Also the administration of the workshop is already organized.

Though the workshop is still looking for effective and regular ways to realize the production in the market, it is already producing the items requested by some handicraft companies and friends of San Damiano. We hope that the workshop will be already self-sufficient on January, 2009 and that in the future it will provide a good and well paid job for local people.