College Discernment Program

1. Present situation :

The EDM scholarship for College in school year 2009-2010 was globally spoken a failure. On the nine students, two never failed to pass the TESDA entrance exam (Russwyn and Allen), one student was expelled from the program due to her behavior (Rogelyn) and all the others stopped due to lack of finance. Only one, Monica was able to finish 1st year HRM, two years in Trend Information First located in Tatay.

Conclusion : For students in Barangay Sapang, being a College student in a Public School costs between 30 and 40.000 P/year due to the transport from the Island to Manila. The scholarship allowed by EDM is really not enough. There is an urgent need to take an initiative and save these 7 College scholarships.

2. Initiative of Tiberiade Community :

In Barangay Sapang, one of our former staff-member came back from abroad. She is a college graduate as teacher in high-school. Our NGO will take her back in the library to handle the tutorial classes. The idea is to keep the EDM-scholars one year in Sapang and give them a Pre-College program. At the same time, we can save the money of the scholarship of that year (24.000 P) and use it the year after. A sum of 4000 P will be used to pay 70 % of the salary of the high-school teacher, our NGO will shoulder the remaining 30 %.

The total budget for their studies would be:

  • SY 1 : College Discernment Program in Sapang
  • EDM : 24.000 P – 4.000 P = 20.000 P (share in CDP for salary Ate Joan).
  • SY 2 : College year 1 EDM = 24.000 P
  • SY 3 : College year 2 EDM = 24.000 P Total EDM for studies : 68.000 P

With a personal contribution of the family, it can be possible to send them for two years College in Cainta. We can also combine the EDM-scholarship with a Tiberiade Community (TCFI) scholarship in order to send some of the EDM-boys to Don Bosco Makati.

EDM scholars waiting for College :

  1. Archie ARAMBULO : graduated from in High-School in March 2010
  2. Mark-Benedict ANTONIO: graduated from in High-School in March 2010
  3. Harlene CAPILI : graduated from in High-School in March 2010
  4. Regine VILLIADIEGO: graduated from in High-School in March 2010
  5. Russwyn MENDIOLA: graduated from in High-School in March 2009
  6. Allen PASCUHIN: graduated from in High-School in March 2009
  7. Lyra-Janine MENDIOLA: graduated from in High-School in March 2009

3. Lesson Program in CDP (College Discernment Program)

Every day, the student will have two hours of gardening and farming. After that he will have two hours of classes. Main subjects: Filipino, English and mathematics. In the afternoon, during summer, one hour of computer-class will be given. Every month, the student will pass a exam, as an evaluation-test.

We have to give free time to the students in the afternoon because as they still leave at home, they need to work to help their parents to buy food. As they will be the whole morning in the NGO, we will offer them the breakfast. Our NGO will shoulder the cost of this breakfast.

During the year, they will have the opportunity to visit the three schools where they can take a College course. They will also attend some prayer-gatherings in Manila so that they can get familiarized with the life in Manila.

The Staff for this CDP Program is composed of three persons:

  • Ate Joan, High-School Teacher : Responsible
  • Mme Aude Brochier, Belgian volunteer in our NGO : Part-time Assistant for English class on Tuesday morning.
  • Ate Rachel, Elementary Teacher : Full-time Assistant.

4. Ondoy and Pepeng Emergency Help

In the month of December 2009, EDM send an emergency help of 1003,00 €. As our NGO had immediately released 3000 euros in October, your fund has not been used yet. We will in the house.

5. Situation of every individual scholar.

As the last year was difficult for the College scholars, there is money left over. This is the precise report :

  • Allen PASCUHIN used only 574 P on the budget of 24.000 P = 23.426 P saldo
  • Russwyn MENDIOLA used only 574 P on the budget of 24.000 P = 23.426 P saldo
  • Monica ARAMBULO used the whole budget of 24.000 P and she passed her 1st year College.
  • Lyra Janine MENDIOLA used the whole budget of 24.000 P but she stopped because lack of money.

QUESTION : This is why we ask your approval we input this 46.852 P in the College Program of 2011-2012 ?
If you can allow us to cumulate this budget (46.852 P) will be able to send one of the boys to Don Bosco Makati.

This is one of the best technical schools in Manila. We have already a lot of good experiences with them, but the cost-price is quit high: 18 months program, including job-training for a total cost-price of 130.000 P.

Our NGO knows by experience that graduates of Don Bosco Makati easily find a good qualified job, this is why we wish to send one EDM-scholar there. For this school year, we do a heavy financial sacrifice because we send three boys in that school under our own scholarship-program.

Thank you so much for your help and continuous support. We keep you and all the foster-families included in our prayers,

Ms Dangs ERA

Staff-member of TCFI

Frère Emmanuel della Faille

Religieux de la Fraternité de Tibériade

President of TCFI