MISSION IN LAIBAN September 21-25, 2012

Our mission experience brought us to a very poor families lived in Laiban but they are rich in
love of God, most of the houses are made of bamboo’s and wood’s, inside they had the image of little
San Damiano cross printed on the half bond paper and different holy image ( and I think that was the
picture we gave to them years ago)

Our experience with them was memorable and inspiring. They are a very simple family. But living together as a family
is enough for them to be happy even though their source of income is banned by the government, the illegal logging, making charcoal etc……. we can say that the people lived there really suffer from severe poverty, but thanks be to God that they’re really survived for everyday life, we worked with them, learned their way of life and became part of simple families and how each person survives through faith and hope in God’s love. Yet we are sure that God was working with us.

Sometimes we accompanied and joined the children who took a bath in the river, thanks God when we saw how happy
they are as they swim, enjoying the simple things in life. After that we did the catechism and we’re amazed for some little kids that they already know Jesus even for their young age. Truly that when Jesus is in our hearts and the midst of us we will have the courage to preached and serve the people everywhere.

About their physical health conditions is quite bad due to different weather caused of climate change most of them has experienced illness like cough, fever, URTI viral/bacterial, Hypertension, others has tuberculosis and one has severe leprosy. Kuya Inzo and Grayson are in charged in Medical mission.

God is really our provider in all our needs even spiritual and physical, through the help of Tiberiade community Belgium offering free check-up and medicines to them.


CARLO: It was my first time to be part in the mission, first time to be in Laiban. I am very happy to be with the kids, singing, playing and praying with them. I have gained a lot of courage and self confident to speak and preached the Good news of our Lord in front of them which I didn’t experience when I’m in Sapang. I also discover that you will have more reward from God when you are dedicated to your work and in mission.

PATRICK: I am very happy to be part of this mission; it helps me a lot to grow in faith. Great mission and has unity. I discover that we are still lucky even we are poor if we will compare the life and situation of the people here in Laiban. I will continue to pray to share to serve and to love the Lord.

WILMER: Laiban is the place where the poorest people live. I learned how to facilitate the kids without the help of Kuya. I saw their simple life style. To live in a simple way is a key of a true happiness in their hearts. I will share the simple life that I learned in this mission to my co-volunteer for us to be united and have a peaceful community life.

GRAYSON: It’s my first time to be part of this mission. I am very happy to be part of this mission. I am happy helping people in Laiban, playing and praying with the kids and be part of the medical mission. When I saw the people who are poorer than me I felt sad so I tried my best to help them through our mission.

KUYA LEO: Became deeper with regards in my relationship with the kids and I am very happy for that. I learned a lot with this mission. (Avoid being childish) I am very thankful, mission was successful. I will continue to pray, serve, share and love the Lord.

KUYA INZO: At first, I haven’t planned to go because I am not the one assigned for this mission.

  • The mission became good and organized
  • Always pray through our experience.
  • Everything is possible with God
  • Confident in every work or mission
  • God is really working with us.

Evangeliztion Team





Medical Team

Lorenzo (choit, Inzo)