The strength of prayer – Good Friday

This morning, after our morning prayer, Bro. Pimpim gave an introduction about Fasting, Almsgiving and thanks giving. Fasting is the battle between the soul and stomach. It is a challenge for us to strengthen ourselves to live fully the pascal triduum: passion of Christ and resurrection. Almsgiving is sacrificing our personal cravings to share god’s blessings with others especially to the people who are in needs.

Then at 9Am we prepared the materials for team building activities. As we can see in the picture they really enjoyed the activities and enjoyed to see the presence of everyone. After that Brother Simon gave us a meaningful teaching about the strength of the prayer, he emphasized the greatest strength from God’s heart and also he told us that the more we pray the more we get the heart of Jesus. After his teaching, he prepared an example with the use of box entitled the wonders of the world (Ang Kagandahan ng mundo). Volunteers were asked to come and look inside the box. The would se wonders of the world. And at they surprise, there was a mirror in the box, so they saw themselves as the wonders of the world.He asked two questions for the sharing. First, Share something that you learned or remember from the teaching? And the second one: what is your relationship with God in terms of prayer?

In the Afternoon, we started with the veneration of the cross. It was celebrated by Father Ronillio Javines, SDB, a rector of Don Bosco Mandaluyong. After the Veneration of the cross, we prepared everything that we needed to go on the mountain. We prepared our personal things, water, clothes and tent and a special dinner prepared by Ate Cynthia. Half the way to the top of mount Tagapo, we felt exhausted and tired, but we always remeber that this experience or challenge is for Jesus. Jesus who was crucified at the cross because of our sins.

We arrived at the top, And yes! It was success. An experience that is always worth it. An amazing view, relaxing view with a fresh air, enjoying all God’s creation, this kind of experience in Mt. Tagapo is unforgetful. When the sun goes down I feel all our worries and tiredness has gone . In the evening we started to do the way of the cross with the 14 stations. After that all the groups did their presentations. Some groups did dancing, singing, and acting. All the presentation were good and amazing. That night was another memories that we’ll never be forget. It is the kind of happiness that we always deserve. The whole day was full of challenge, happiness and unforgettable memories.

The next morning, we woke up before the sun to go to the top of the mountain to appreciate the sunrise and we prayed to thank God for the new beginning of our lives.