Youth Camp 2024 – Good Friday

Good Friday


 May the solemnity of Good Friday remind us of the immense love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ This is the day we remember Jesus paying the ultimate sacrifice, taking on all our sins and giving His life on the Cross. 


 Morning Prayer: The second day of Sandamiano Youth Camp 2024 began with our Morning Prayer session in the chapel. After praying, Brother Seraphim provided a spiritual introduction about fasting. He explained that fasting is important because it allows us to join in the sacrifice of our God. Fasting is like giving up something we enjoy for a while as a way to show our devotion and commitment to our faith. It helps us connect with God on a deeper level and understand the sacrifices made for us. 


 Breakfast: For breakfast, we practice fasting, which means we choose to eat only plain rice. This simple meal is part of our commitment to avoid certain foods as a way to grow spiritually and think about our actions. By sticking to just rice, we show our dedication to this time of fasting and focus on our spiritual journey. Teaching, sharing and Team building: Brother Vidas shared about igniting our faith through the mystery of the cross, outlining five ways to ignite our faith: personal prayer, immersion in God’s word, participation in sacraments, engagement with the Christian community, and serving others with love and compassion. After Brother Vidas’ teaching, we connected by asking each other, “When have you felt the presence of God?” and shared our personal experiences to deepen our understanding of one another. In addition to the spiritual discussions, the “garter relay” team-building activity provided a fun and interactive way to reinforce teamwork and collaboration among participants. Through challenges and shared goals, we strengthened bonds, built trust, and learned valuable lessons about communication and cooperation, enhancing not only our relationships with one another but also our collective sense of unity and purpose. 


 Lunch, Siesta and Veneration of the cross,: We nourished our souls with the midday prayer before indulging in our mouthwatering lunch, savoring every bite and delighting in flavors that dance on the plate. Resting is a very important thing for everyone, after all the activities that was done.The cross is the central symbol of Christianity, representing the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ for the redemption of humanity. Venerating the cross is a way to express gratitude for Christ’s ultimate act of love and salvation. By venerating the cross, we unite ourselves with Christ’s suffering and sacrifice. It serves as a reminder of the extent of Christ’s love and the depth of his commitment to humanity, encouraging us to emulate his example of selflessness and service. Venerating the cross can serve as a powerful spiritual practice, renewing and deepening one’s faith in Christ. 


 Mountain Climbing; Before going to the mountain each group prepare thier food for dinner and for their breakfast after we arrive at the mountain each group gathered and eat delicious dinner, after that we all gathered around the bon fire for the Station of the cross. The Stations of the Cross serve as a tangible reminder of the profound love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. By retracing his steps and contemplating the agonizing moments of his crucifixion. Through the Stations of the Cross, individuals are invited to confront their own sinfulness and shortcomings in light of Christ’s redemptive sacrifice. Engaging in the Stations of the Cross can strengthen one’s faith by deepening their understanding of Christ’s suffering and the salvific significance of his death and resurrection. It provides an opportunity to draw closer to God and reaffirm one’s trust in His mercy and grace. The season of Lent, during which the Stations of the Cross are often prayed, is a time of spiritual preparation for the celebration of Easter. By participating in this devotion, it prepare our hearts and minds to fully embrace the joy of Christ’s resurrection. After the Station of the cross each group perform their own unique and wonderful talent that is joyful and entertainment. After the performance of each group we have a night prayer thanking God for the safety of each other and the joyful moment we shared and for all the blessings we have whole day, and after the night prayer we go on our respective place to have a rest fo the tomorrow’s another day. This camp isn’t just about getting away from the grind of daily life; it’s about throwing yourself into a world of limitless opportunities, where every day is a time to discover, learn, and make new connections with people.