A long-awaited Easter camp

We just entered in the holy week, and Easter is coming soon. As you may know, Easter is a very important liturgical time for the Church, and especially for the San Damiano Community. This is why the community organizes a youth camp to allow as many as possible to experience the beauty of that time and receive the gifts of the holly spirit they need. Since the pandemic, started in 2019, it was not possible to organize such a camp during holy week. But this year, Covid is not leading our world any-more and we are so happy to prepare for the first true Easter camp in 3 years.

The whole San Damiano community is getting ready for the camp and every body is helping to make it possible. Before all, as it is part of the Filippino culture and because we love it, during the camp we will dance. Therefore, ate Zila with the high-school and college scholars are getting ready for the best flash-mob in the history of the San Damiano Community. On the music of “Nothing is impossible” from Planetshakers, they move their bodies and worship god.

Also, as the prayer is as important as dancing, we have to make the liturgy beautiful. For this, we have picked the best songs, the best musicians, and the best singers to help us live a beautiful holy week. Its kuya Monjem and ate Ella, two very talented guitarists and singers from the scholarship program, who will help us pray and glorify God with music. To accompany them, kuya Lito will be on the transverse flute. And for it to be as beautiful as possible, in the last month, they have rehearsed multiple times a week and taught the scholars who were motivated some of the songs.

Of course, there is no camp without a place to sleep, pray, learn and play. Its is in Bukid that most of the festivities will happen. But as we wait for quite a few people from all around the Philippines to join, a total of three tents are being built by kuya Adrian, Carlo, Nick and Bollie with the help of the strongest boys living in Bukid.

Also, so that we can keep the best memories of this holy week, ate Dangs with the girls, have prepared decorations worthy of the best film sets. Part of it is an incredible Instagram photo-booth to make the photos even more beautiful.

Lastly, let us speak about food. You may not know who I am, but I can assure you, food is very important for me. For it we are so lucky to have one of the best chef in all Talim Island: ate Cynthia, the grand-mother of Eman, one of our scholars. She will be leading the team to prepare the best meals and merianda so that we have all the energy we need to pray and worship God. I have tried it, and be sure, it is good. To make everything even better than usual, the SD community has invested in new kitchen utensils to complement the old ones.

We are so glad to welcome all those who will join us in this adventure to become “Anchored in hope”. See you very soon starting April 14 to April 17.