How to choose? Christmas camp 2023 – Day 2

We started the second day of the camp with a blessed morning prayer and a delicious breakfast to start our day. Later on, we do manual work to make the place clean after we play games that test our communication and teamwork, and we also took our merienda.

Teaching of Sister Dallia about HOW TO CHOOSE!. The important element in making a choice is prayer. Being friends with the Lord, we can find peace in prayer. God is coming to give us life, not to destroy it. Choose to accept it positively as a motivation to be better at certain things. If you are not sure about what you choose, then wait before making a decision. After the teaching, we had a sharing by group.

After the mid-day prayer, we ate our lunch and take a rest. Kuya Elad taught us about Genesis during the Bible study about creation: Eve and Adam sinned by eating the forbidden fruit, from the tree of good and evil. Yahweh said to them that they can eat all the fruits in the garden of Eden, but they are tempted by the snake; they disobeyed what God says; that’s why there is death and suffering. Later we ate a little bit of merienda again and proceeded to the team-building activities.

Then we went to mass after we took a bath. When the mass ended, we came back to Bukid and ate our dinner. Then, for recreational activities, we do action songs, dance, sing, worship, and overnight adoration.