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Presentation Scholarship Tiberiade-Philippines

Scholarship program for students in the Philippines
Tiberiade foundation

Community Foundation

The scholarship program is one of the first programs started by the NGO Tiberiade community Foundation in the Philippines. Each year, according to the gifts we received, we finance about 30 scholars, in collaboration with the organisation “children of Mekong”. This are grants for primary school, high school and university. The aim of these grants is to give the possibility to young people descending from very poor families to do or to finish high school and to enter in university or college, according to their intellectual capacities. After this they will be able to find a job, so then they can help their family and in certain cases they are able to pay the grant for their own younger brothers and sisters.

The one third of our 30 scholars will start or started studies in college. The NGO selected 3 colleges in Manila who propose different specialisations: mechanical (car or boat), electrician, hotel trade, nurse … This College studies have the advantage that they take only between 18 months and 2 years, including practise and formation in factory, school, hospital. This colleges assures this young people to find quickly an employment when they have finished their studies.

The young people who want to participate in this scholarship program to enter in the college have to participate in the “College Discernment Program” This program take 2 or 3 years and helps the NGO to assure the success. The first year the young people the NGO staff choose have to participate part-time in the activities of the community (prayers, services …) This preparation year is a time to discern what kind of studies they will be able to do, bet also to help them by daily contact to choose a good behaviour for their future. In the heart of the community their maturity grow, and they learn to respect a daily schedule, to work in the kitchen, the garden and to serve others. This behaviour is very important and useful for their future. The second and the third year they study in a college selected for them. They live in the San Damiano student house in the city. This scholarship program beards a lot of fruits yet…some examples:

The success of Nicol shows very well the aim of the scholarship program of the community. Nicol just finished his welder-formation. When you know his history, it s really a beautiful success. Nicol was a child who growed up in the streets in Manila, without family. One day, few years ago Kuya Nick, a lay missionary of our community welcomed Nicol. He stayed to serve in the community, although he had sometimes the desire to return to the streets in Manila. He discovered stability in his life. Last year he received a grant, and this year he came back to the village as welder. He has the desire to continue to live here and to improve his graduate by working in the NGO and in the village.
Ining, 25 years old is studying naval mechanics. He did not finish primary school. He had a difficult adolescence. He was born after fourth marriage of his father. In the village he started a small group of louts. One day he met Kuya Nick, founder of Tiberiade community in the Philippines and they become friends. Few years he will spend in the community. The adoration of the blessed sacrament helped him to discover the love of God for him. He was deeply transformed. When he was 18 years old he took the decision to continue the primary school, together in class with children who were 10 years old . Bet he received the reward for his courage and perseverance. At this moment he is studying naval mechanics and is brilliant in his studies. He is optimistic for his future and hopes soon to help his family who are one of the poorest families in the village.

Remalyn is a 16 years old and she will enter in the last year high school. Her mother died when she was small child. Grandmother with father gave the education for her and her brother.

In school she is very clever. Every year she finished in the top 8 of the best pupils. She is working a lot like her father who is bamboo worker. Every Saturday she is participating in the Tiberiade community activities. In two years she will receive a grant for two years of study in university. At this moment she reflects about the studies she will start soon.

Thank you for your generosity.

Thank you for giving them a future!

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