Jesus call me as I am! Christmas camp 2023

It is true, as I am God loves me (x2)
He knocked at my door, and entered in my heart

As God calls everyone of us by name. We are now experiencing the first day of our yearly Christmas camp, which includes all scholars from high school to college. Gradually, everyone shows up at 6:30 am to participate in the morning prayer at 7:00 am, marking the beginning of our day and camp.

Later on, we eat a healthy breakfast that our chef Ate Cynthia has prepared for us so that we will have energy and strength for both our joyful action song and our manual work. Sister Agnès, along by Kuya Matthieu, her excellent interpreter, gave us a lovely lesson about “Jesus Calls me as I am” at 10 in the morning.

Sister Agnès talked about the ways that God is at work in our lives and how He is looking after each and every one of us. She mentioned that although we occasionally try to hide our grief and anxiety, the Lord is calling us and is incredibly glad to find his lost sheep.

Following that lovely and educational lesson, we got ready for the midday prayer. Later, we ate lunch and cleaned the dishes by group. During the nap time, everyone went to their rooms, where some slept and some continued to talk with friends.

We pray the holy Rosary at 2:00 pm before beginning our caroling. A Christmas carol is a carol (a song or hymn) with a Christmas theme that is customarily sung either on Christmas Day or throughout the Christmas season. It’s not uncommon to refer to some carols as “Noel”, particularly those with a French provenance. One could consider Christmas carols to be a subset of Christmas music as a whole.

We all gathered here after the Christmas caroling after getting some rest and getting ready for “Simbang Gabi,” also known as Misa De Aguinaldo.

We then have dinner and watch the great movie War Room, which teaches us a lot about God and prayer. We said a short night prayer as we wrapped up the day and before taking a good rest for the next days of our camp.