“How to be an instrument of hope?”, Black Saturday 2022

Our third day of camp, Black Saturday started on mount Tagapo. All the youngsters with some kuyas and ates spent the night there. We started our day in prayer on the top of the mountain and taking a few pictures all together with the rising sun. Then after a hot drink we cleaned our place and tried to clean also part of the mount that was left very dirty and covered by trash by the previous visitors. We managed to fill e few bags with some recyclable plastic, but the majority was just dirty plastic that we had to burn to avoid is spreading. For me it was hard to let the mountain still very dirty, but there was nothing more that we could do at that time.

Then we went back to Bukid. Morning was rest time as the night was quite restless. It was a good opportunity to take back all the lost sleep of the last days, but also to take time to speak with the others from the camp. The rest time I think really fits the liturgy of the Black Saturday. Indeed, Jesus is dead, He is in the tomb and it is Shabbat: no work is allowed, and it is hard to rejoice. But this is not for bad because we know the the evening and the night are going to be beautiful.

The afternoon was the time for the last teaching of the camp: “How to be an instrument of hope?”. It was also the time to prepare the last things for the coming night, for the coming resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

For the Easter Vigil, we joined with the parish in Janosa. It was very beautiful to see all the parish members regrouping to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ and also to see everybody dressed in white, sign of the Light brought by the resurrection.

After the vigil in Janosa, we came back in procession to Bukid, singing resurrection songs and carrying the light of the resurrection. In Bukid the fest kept going until late at night, some danced, we ate, and we sang. Christ is risen! Alleluia!